Concrete Garage Floor Coatings in Salem, OR

Is your Salem home’s garage looking too faded or worn down? Has your garage turned into a room you hardly use because the surface is uneven, cracked, or an outright eyesore? Then level up your home with a professional garage floor concrete coating.

Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings is Oregon’s premier, custom concrete floor coating experts. We’ve serviced countless homes in the Portland, Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, and Salem area. Discover how we can transform your property too with our high-quality coatings.

Garage Floor Coatings

Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings for Durable Garage Floors

The garage encounters all sorts of dents and nicks because objects fall on the floor, equipment scrapes the surface, and vehicles and shoes wear down the top of concrete. You can get your garage floor ready for anything with a durable polyurea and polyaspartic coating.

We specialize in a coating system consisting of a polyurea base and polyaspartic top. While most companies use epoxy, epoxy doesn’t hold up as well for garages as polyurea and polyaspartic. With a more durable system overall, polyurea and polyaspartic coatings resist impact damage, stains, and natural elements better than epoxy.

High-Quality Flake Garage Floors

If you want your floor to have a few unique touches, we also offer high-quality flake floors. Flake floors have the same components of a standard polyurea and polyaspartic floor, but “flakes” are added as a decorative element. These flakes are vinyl paint aggregates that come in a variety of colors, sizes, and blends. So, you can have a one-of-a-kind surface with our flake flooring services.

Reasons to Upgrade to Professional Garage Floor Coatings

In addition to the instant improvement to your garage’s aesthetic appearance, there’s a medley of benefits to installing a new garage floor coating. Among the top, here are 5 reasons to go with a professional installation service:

No More Stains

Between landscaping chemicals and vehicle coolant, the garage is home to plenty of liquids. Sadly, these liquids can easily stain most flooring surfaces. Yet, a high-quality concrete coating repels liquids, ensuring your floor won’t stain.


Another benefit of coatings is they’re designed to give pedestrians better traction and grip. So whether you’re playing a game of ping pong in your garage or simply strolling to put away your lawnmower, you’ll be safer.

Easy Cleanup

A floor like tile easily lets dirt and debris accumulate. This means you’ll inevitably spend a lot of time strenuously cleaning the tile to have it look decently good. But when you upgrade to a surface like concrete coatings that repel dirt, mold, and more, cleanup is as simple as the occasional sweeping.

Resistant to UV Rays & Weather

While most garages don’t encounter the sun and inclement weather, having the garage door open invites those natural elements in. If your floor isn’t designed to stand up against harmful UV rays and radical temperature changes, it will deteriorate. Luckily, you can protect your garage floor with our polyurea and polyaspartic coating system.

Lasts for Over a Decade

Potentially the best benefit of all is how long concrete coatings last. When you make a choice to upgrade some aspect of your home, there’s no doubt how long that improvement will last is considered. For this reason, coatings give some of the best return on investment.

Professionally-installed concrete coatings can last over a decade. In fact, Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings offers a 12-year warranty for our products. If your surface starts to peel or crack within that time, we will come fix it. And with proper maintenance, you can even get your coating to last almost 20 years!

Top-Rated Concrete Coating Contractor in Salem, OR

Rely on the company with a proven track record of delivering the highest-quality work for each customer. Fitzy’s treats every customer personally and works with you to determine a unique solution for you based on your needs and your property. We’re your teammate every step of the way. As a matter of fact, we have our customers walk the job with the crew leader and sign a quality assurance form to ensure complete satisfaction before we leave.

Valence: Our Trusted Brand for Quality Coating Products

The team at Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings only offers top-of-the-line products for you and your home. That’s why we work with Valence, an industry-leading in the coating industry. For over 15 years, Valence has separated itself as a superior product with impeccable quality standards. You can trust your home is receiving the best service and product with Fitzy’s and Valence.

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Your Salem property deserves the best. Look no further than Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings. We ensure high-quality results and complete satisfaction with our projects. Make a wise investment and choose a personal team that provides phenomenal results.

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Garage Floor Coatings in Albany, OR, and the Surrounding Areas

Your garage floor can take quite the beating on a daily basis. From the caustic fluids and oils coming from your car to impact damage coming from your workstation and storage space, having a concrete garage coating system that can withstand the wear is imperative. Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to look far for garage floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas, thanks to Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings!

Finding a garage floor coating service you can rely on doesn’t have to be challenging. Our garage floor contractors have helped countless clients find the perfect flooring for their garages and keep them protected for the long haul. We have satisfied customers in Albany, Salem, and Eugene, OR, with the concrete coatings for garage floors that help tie the entire space together. Our garage floor specialists can also help with the following:

A Dependable Team of Garage Floor Installers

Now that you have found the flooring for your garage that matches your style and meets your unique needs, you need the right team to get them installed. Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings has expertly trained garage floor installers who can easily navigate any potential problems. Our garage floor coating service will help ensure that your space will have the protective layer it needs for the longevity of your space. Our team has provided garage floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas that have helped countless customers get the dream flooring for their garages for years to come.

Other garage floor coating companies may promise the world with epoxy coatings; however, polyurea garage coatings can give an extra layer of proven protection from the kind of caustic chemicals and impact damage that can ruin your floor. Our polyurea garage floors have given our customers the confidence in their setup that they may have lacked before. Our garage floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas have helped countless homeowners with beautiful and long-lasting garage floor solutions.

We’ll help you find a reliable polyurea garage flooring service that can provide a tailored solution for your unique space. Our garage floor contractors help our customers find the garage floor covering style that’s right for them.

When you need garage floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas, you want to find a solution tailor-made for your space. We provide enduringly durable garage floor coverings for our valued customers. Whether in Eugene, OR, or Salem, OR, you want your garage floor to handle your space’s demands. Our garage floor specialists can make it happen.

Polyurea garage floor coatings can do more than protect your floor from the hazards of your daily life. The right garage floor finish can add dimension to your space, dashes of color, and unique patterns that help set you apart from your neighbors. These polyurea garage coatings will give you the garage floor you have always wanted and ensure it looks the part throughout its 12-year warranty.

Find the Ideal Concrete Coating for Your Garage Today!

Other garage flooring companies may promise you the world, but there’s only one name you can trust for the best concrete coatings for garage floors in the Greater Albany area — Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings! We specialize in polyurea garage flooring services that have helped residential homeowners ensure their investments are protected from the randomness of life. Our garage floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas have gone a long way in establishing ourselves as the best in the area. Contact us today to learn more about our services, receive a quote, or schedule your next appointment!