High Quality Patio Coatings in Albany, OR

With constant exposure to the sun and harsh Pacific weather, our patios take quite a beating. If our surfaces aren’t protected, they’ll quickly fade, expand, crack, and fall apart. That’s why it’s crucial to defend your patio surface with a professional concrete coating.

Patio Floor Coatings in Albany, OR

As your local coating contractor, Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings has helped beautify hundreds of Salem homes. We even service all the way from Portland to Eugene, because we want all of Oregon to have a home they’re proud of. Discover how we can improve your property with a high-quality patio coating.

Superior Patio Coatings for Your Salem Home or Business

Whether your business needs a more inviting outdoor patio or your home’s looking for a better hosting spot, look no further for excellent coatings. Concrete coatings wrap your existing surface in a strong, protective layer. It’ll stop dirt from accumulating and give your patio an entirely new look.

Our Patio Coating Process: Advanced Techniques and Quality Materials

No matter what you desire for your patio surface, we can help. Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings offers a standard polyurea and polyaspartic coating system and a flake flooring coating. Polyurea makes up the base coat while polyaspartic is the top layer to add durability and aesthetic appeal; meanwhile, a flake floor incorporates all of that with an added “flake” design to give your surface a one-of-a-kind look.

On top of that, we only use the best materials possible. Namely, our team partners with Valence. This product and company is known for its impeccable quality standards and phenomenal results.

Benefits of a Patio Coating

Once you invest in a patio coating for your property, you’ll never want to go back to having your outdoor surface exposed to the elements and more. Here are just some of the countless benefits that come with a professional patio concrete coating:

UV Ray Resistance

When it comes to fading and eroding an outdoor surface, the sun is your biggest. Constant exposure to harmful UV rays deteriorates your patio coating. That’s why our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are designed to stay intact even against sun exposure.

Weather Resistance

Especially on the Pacific coast, significant temperature changes and moisture can damage an outdoor floor. Water can penetrate the surface, and then cause the concrete to expand as it freezes. Yet, a superior coating keeps water at bay, leaving your surface safe and intact.

Incredible Look

Very few things can complement your entire property like a uniform, great-looking concrete coating. Our coatings, in particular, are designed to boost any property’s aesthetic and minimize potential blemishes to the surface.


A patio can get scratched from outdoor furniture moving, impact from falling objects, and continuous foot traction. Luckily, a polyurea and polyaspartic coating is stronger than other flooring options, such as epoxy. So, you’ll get more durable results from our coating service.

Less Maintenance

Additionally, a professional coating is easy to maintain. Because the coating fights off dirt, mold, and stains, you only need to sweep every now and then to have your surface look its best.

Unique, Customizable Coatings

Your Salem property is unique. Therefore, it should have a unique look and feel to it as well. Our coatings come in a wide range of colors, designs, and finishes which means you can have a customizable surface to complement your patio.

Experienced and Professional Patio Coating Installers Near You in Salem, OR

Want to know the difference between a surface that crumbles outdoors in a few years and one that lasts for over a decade? It comes down to the installation process. That’s why Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings has meticulously and intentionally trained our technicians to excel at installing outdoor concrete coatings. We want the best for your home or business.

Garage Coatings

Why Choose Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings for Your Flooring Needs?

Rely on the team that utilizes the best equipment, products, and process. But more importantly, choose a contractor that works for you. Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings won’t leave your project until we know you are fully satisfied. We even have every single one of our customers walk the job with the crew leader and sign a quality assurance form to ensure complete satisfaction before we leave.

Get a Free High-Quality Patio Coating Estimate

Want to get started taking your Salem property to the next level? Then let’s get you settled with a coating surface that’s resistant to UV rays and weather, great-looking, durable, and easy to maintain! Contact Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings today to get your personal, free coating quote.


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Patio Floor Coatings in Albany, OR, and the Surrounding Areas

When the weather gets nice and you invite your friends and family over to enjoy the weather, you want to have a dynamic outdoor entertainment space to keep the party going. Most homeowners opt for a porch and patio combination to give their outdoor parties a boost, but you need patio floor services to keep your setup in prime party condition. When you need patio floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas, Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings is here to help!

While other companies may apply patio floor paint and call it a day, that’s not where we stop. Our patio flooring installers have worked with a wide range of homes to give them the ideal outdoor entertainment space. We ensure that your concrete porch coating and concrete patio coating have the enhanced durability and functionality possible. Our polyurea patio floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas are second to none, and it’s not all we do — we also provide proven garage floor and basement floor  coating services for our customers.

When choosing outdoor concrete coverings for your outdoor entertainment space, you want to find a patio floor coating company that knows how to create a dynamic space you can use for years to come. Our polyurea patio flooring offers our customers a durable concrete patio coating tailored to their unique needs and patio uses.

When you need polyurea patio floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas, our certified patio flooring installers are ready to help. Our patio floor coating company worked with a wide range of homeowners with unique needs and ensured their new patio floor covering is everything they dreamed of and more!

With the right patio floor coating company on your side, you can ensure that your outdoor concrete coverings receive the care and attention they deserve. From the initial installation through the routine maintenance and repairs, you want a team that can respond quickly to calls throughout Albany, Salem, and Eugene, OR, when you need them. Our patio floor services have helped countless homeowners properly maintain their outdoor living spaces and patio floor coverings for years.

A reputable porch floor coating company can help transform your drab porch into a warm and welcoming space for your visitors. Our polyurea porch flooring services can boost your home’s total value, redefine your visitor’s first impression of your home, and give you a chance to change the aesthetics of your property.

Our porch floor coating company strives to help our customers redefine their porches in meaningful ways. Instead of being an underutilized area where you spend exceedingly less time, it can become a place where you and your family can come and spend quality time together with the help of our durable concrete porch coating solutions.

Transform Your Outdoor Patio

When you need new patio floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas, there’s only one name you should count on — Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings. We have worked with countless homeowners throughout Albany, Salem, and Eugene, OR, to completely transform their outdoor living spaces into multifunctional areas for parties and everyday relaxation.

Don’t rely on a simple patio floor paint job to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. Contact the top team for patio floor coatings in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas today!