Excel in Business: Exploring Commercial Coatings with Fitzy’s

Excel in Business: Exploring Commercial Coatings with Fitzys

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If you own a business in Salem, OR, you understand how important it is to keep your floors looking their best while protecting them from damage and stains. However, maintaining your business floor’s appearance and structural integrity is often much easier said than done. That’s why Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings offers outstanding commercial floor coatings in Salem, OR, that will upgrade your property’s appeal, durability, lifespan, and much, much more.

If you want to enhance your Salem, OR, commercial property with top-notch floor coatings, contact the experts at Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings.

The Advantages of Commercial Floor Coatings

Many business owners understand that commercial coatings provide outstanding surface protection while heightening the floor’s visual appeal. However, our coatings provide several other advantages that many company leaders might not know about or overlook. 

Our commercial floor coatings’ exceptional robustness can significantly elongate your floors’ lifespan. They prevent impacts, foot traffic, and pollutants from damaging and blemishing their surface, keeping them in excellent shape no matter what life slings their way. Since you won’t have to worry about cracks, dents, or stains tarnishing your floors, you won’t have to worry about a replacement for decades or longer.

Our coatings are also extremely versatile and work well for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are weather and UV-resistant, ensuring they maintain their quality through heavy rainstorms and other turbulent conditions. They won’t yellow or fade from excess sunlight, giving you an captivating floor that casts a positive light over your establishment.

Enhanced Durability for High-Traffic Areas

The most prevalent benefit of our commercial floor coatings is their unmatched durability. Previously, business owners used epoxy concrete coatings to protect their floors from damage and imperfections. Although traditional epoxy is fantastic for safeguarding floors, our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings surpass them in every way.

Our better-than-epoxy commercial coatings feature a durable polyurea base and a polyaspartic top layer that takes their resilience to impeccable new heights. They are three to five times stronger than epoxy and can handle heavy foot traffic and impacts without suffering extensive wear. Our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are some of the best coatings in the industry, giving your commercial floors superior protection that will last for decades on end.

Since our coatings are water- and chemical-resistant, they keep liquids and pollutants along the top of the coating, making cleaning your floors easier than ever. Their outstanding chemical resistance prevents substances from seeping into concrete pores, preventing unsightly stains from tainting their gorgeous appearance. This can drastically reduce your maintenance routine’s duration, giving you more time to focus on running your up-and-coming business.

You won’t have to waste time washing unyielding stains out of your business floors, thanks to our first-rate commercial floor coatings.

Aesthetic Appeal and Branding Opportunities

Many people believe floor coatings will hinder their company’s appearance since many companies prioritize protection and robustness over visual appeal. However, our commercial coatings allow you to defend your floors from damage without sacrificing appearance. 

Our coatings come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles and even offer customization options that give you near complete control over your coating’s looks. If you want to take your coating’s appearance to the next level, you can add some decorative color flakes to it that will make your floors stand out from your rivals. These flakes help the floor pop and come in several custom colors and materials that will do wonders for any interior or exterior space.

Another gorgeous feature of our floor coatings is their enchanting glossy finish. They emit a captivating sheen that will light up your store, creating a pleasant atmosphere that helps your customers have a pleasant shopping or dining experience. 

Whether you want a decorative flake coating for your retail store or a beautiful solid colored floor for your restaurant’s dining area, Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings can help you with all your floor coating needs.

Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings: Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Flooring

Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings is one of the most trusted names in commercial floor coatings in the greater Salem, OR, area. We’ve served our wonderful community for numerous years and built a name for ourselves through outstanding concrete coatings and exceptional customer service. We always put your needs first and strive to exceed your expectations with every coating project. 

To us, you are more than just another customer. We believe you are a part of the extended Fitzy’s family whenever you use our services. Our team always provides extraordinary customer service and will keep you informed throughout the installation process.

Our technicians never cut corners with substandard materials and strictly use industry-leading supplies that provide unmatched results. Quality coatings and customer satisfaction are at the heart of Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings and we hope you choose us for all your commercial floor coating needs.

Contact Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings for Unmatched Commercial Floor Coatings in Salem, OR

Finding exceptional commercial floor coatings in Salem, OR, has never been easier, thanks to Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings. Our team will install first-class commercial coatings over your concrete floors, protecting them from stains, fissures, heavy foot traffic, and more. We will work with you to find the perfect floor for your Salem business, or create a custom coating designed to your liking. 

If you want to give your commercial floors superior protection while heightening their visual appeal, contact Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings. Give us a call at (541) 990-2882 and receive outstanding commercial floor coatings in Salem, OR, today!

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