Flake Garage Floors Maintenance: How to Keep Your Floor Looking Great 

Flake Garage Floors Maintenance: How to Keep Your Floor Looking Great

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Have you recently installed new garage coatings? Polyurea and polyaspartic-coated floors transform your garage entirely and revitalize your living space, but how should homeowners clean and maintain their new coatings? Advanced concrete coatings require very little maintenance and prove especially easy to maintain. 

Premium flake floors require just as little maintenance and can revive neglected garages. Experts broadcast vinyl paint aggregates between polyurea and polyaspartic coatings to boost style and slip resistance. This blog post outlines reliable cleaning methods and maintenance tips to keep your flake garage floors clean, safe, and durable for many years. 

Understanding Flake Garage Floor Maintenance 

Polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coatings have evolved over the past 30 years. Once used to reinforce steel bridges and protect sea-dwelling vessels from corrosion damage, polyaspartic coatings have become Oregon homeowners’ preferred concrete coating solution. A 20-year lifespan, impressive weather resistance, and fast-cure time make polyurea and polyaspartic flake flooring options incredibly attractive to home and business owners. 

With a little TLC, you can ensure your garage coatings exceed expected lifespans and protect concrete substrates for decades. Proper cleaning and maintenance of flake garage floors protect concrete floors from the following hazards: 

  • Oil stains
  • Grease stains 
  • Spilled chemicals (antifreeze, brake fluid, coolant)
  • Hot tire marks 
  • Rust stains
  • Sticks, leaves, and debris
  • Black mold growth

If you use your garage as an entryway to your home, you doubtlessly track tremendous amounts of dirt, grime, and debris onto your garage flooring. Combine tracked-in debris with accidental spills, and you can see why concrete garage floors deteriorate so quickly. Consider the following tips for protecting your durable coatings from countless sources of damage. 

Flake Garage Floors Maintenance Tips 

Fear not if you have little experience with flake garage floors in Salem, OR. Highly-trained, friendly concrete coating professionals can happily assist you with all your garage coatings in Salem. Many concrete coating professionals offer extended warranties and low-cost maintenance services to help homeowners get the most out of their flake garage floors. 

With a bit of planning and elbow grease, you can guarantee the smooth surface and stunning finish of your newly installed concrete coating. The most widely used cleaning strategies for premium flake garage coatings include the following: 

Act Quickly 

Clean accidental spills and stains from your concrete coating as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the longer you let oil, grease, paint, or chemicals sit on your non-slip surface, the more challenging removing stains becomes. Petroleum, ethylene glycol, and methanol break down the polymers in garage coatings and leave behind unsightly black, yellow, and green stains. 

Inspect your flake garage floors weekly to identify and remove accidental spills. Use paper towels to remove standing liquid, then gently scrub leftover residue with a soft-bristle or foam mop. Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are stain-resistant, making any garage coating cleaning project far more manageable than removing stains from cracked, damaged, and uncoated concrete substrates. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule 

Experts recommend creating a concrete coating cleaning schedule to prevent a wide range of contaminants from damaging your flooring. Your cleaning schedule should include daily sweeping with a soft bristle broom, weekly mopping with neutral-pH floor cleaners, and monthly deep cleaning. Adequate deep cleaning involves moving all furniture, cabinets, and tables out of your garage to remove hidden debris effectively. 

Garage coatings cleaning schedules combat debris accumulation, deter mold growth, and keep your flake garage floors safe and sanitary. Dust, algae, and mildew thrive in dark, shielded environments, so inspect garage floor corners, contraction, and expansion joints weekly. Keep your cleaning supplies nearby to remedy accidental spills and stains promptly. 

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Agents 

Scouring pads work wonders on dirty dishes but may damage your garage coatings. Avoid scouring pads, harsh chemicals, salts, or high-pH floor cleaners when removing stains from your garage coatings. Polyethylene mesh scouring pads scratch polyaspartic topcoats, while highly-acidic cleaning agents may cause your concrete coating to chip, bubble, crack, and detach from concrete substrates. 

Oregon homeowners have many options when seeking safe, highly-effective concrete coating cleaners. Some of the most popular floor cleaners home and business owners use include Floor Science Neutral Floor Cleaner and Simple Green Concrete Cleaning. You can also speak with the experts who installed your concrete coating to receive recommendations for the best floor cleaner suited for you. 

Why Choose Flake Garage Floors 

Nothing matches the luxurious appearance, color choices, and durability of flake garage floors. Many luxury hotels, car showrooms, and restaurants use flake flooring options to impress customers and showcase beautiful properties. Thanks to vast technological innovations, experts can install polyurea and polyaspartic flake floors in less than one day. 

Additional premium flake floor features include: 

  • Fire resistance 
  • Shock resistance 
  • UV resistance 
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Anti-slip
  • Fast cure time 
  • Low maintenance requirements 

Unlike epoxy, experts can install polyurea and polyaspartic flake floors despite temperature changes, meaning high humidity or freezing cold temperatures won’t affect how strongly garage coatings bind to concrete substrates. If you seek an affordable way to boost your home’s value, safety, and appearance, choose professionally-installed flake flooring options. 

More Information About Flake Garage Floors in Marion County 

Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings proudly serves Salem, OR, and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of flake-style garage coatings, as well as coatings for airplane hangers, commercial properties, decks, patios, driveways, and much more. Call Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings at (541) 990-2882 to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff, learn about our premium Valence coatings, and receive your free quote today! 

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