Say Goodbye to Ugly Floors: With Commercial Floor Coatings

Say Goodbye to Ugly Floors: With Commercial Floor Coatings

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Commercial floor coatings boast an exceptional lifespan, protect the underlying substrate, and create an aesthetically pleasing look. The most modern version of these coatings, a polyurea base with a polyaspartic top coat, will protect your concrete surface for many years to come with very little maintenance.

In this post, Fitzy’s Concrete Coatings explains more about these floor coating systems and why they make the ideal option for commercial floors or other concrete floors.

What Are Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings?

Many people make the mistake of confusing epoxy and polyurea because they look so similar. They are, however, very different. Polyurea consists of a polyurethane base and addresses some of the weaknesses of traditional epoxy.

Traditional epoxy becomes volatile in direct sunlight, making it brittle and discolored over time. Polyurea provides more stability and, with a polyaspartic coating, proves invulnerable to the effects of UV radiation. Polyurea offers greater strength, has better abrasion resistance, and proves less slippery.

Polyaspartic, its newest formulation, stems from a type of aliphatic polyurea. Traditional polyurea has a rapid drying time and some sensitivity to sunlight. Adding a little polyaspartic into the mix retards drying time just enough to ensure a smooth application without interfering too much with the overall installation time.

In addition, polyaspartic contains UV filters, making it an ideal topcoat over epoxy or polyurea. No material is, however, perfect. Polyaspartic costs more and does not adhere to concrete as well as polyurea. With less flexibility, it is more susceptible to the expansion and contraction of concrete.

For this reason, we offer clients a polyurea base and polyaspartic topcoat so that they benefit from both.

The Benefits of Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings

Why should your company consider installing these commercial floor coatings? Consider these benefits for high-traffic areas.

One Day Installation

We can install the average-size floor in one day. It becomes firm enough to walk on in about two to four hours. You can move back into the premises between 24 and 48 hours later. Our team will explain the timelines for your property when they come to give you your free estimate.

Abrasion Resistance

Heavy machinery and high foot traffic can damage standard flooring very quickly. Polyaspartic provides a highly abrasion-resistant surface, making it ideal for these circumstances. It will not scuff or scratch easily. 

UV Resistance

Thanks to a polyaspartic coating, you can coat a courtyard if you like. The UV filters mean that the flooring will not:

  • Fade
  • Blush
  • Discolor

With proper care, it will look as good in five years as it does when we first install it.

High Heat and Chemical Tolerance 

Do you have an industrial facility that deals with high temperatures, moisture, chemicals, or any combination of these elements? Speak to our team about the best formulation for your needs. Both polyaspartic and polyurea are highly resistant to chemicals, heat, and moisture. We can also tweak the formula, as necessary. 


Providing a safer work environment improves productivity and reduces the risk of liability claims. These commercial floor coatings improve safety in the following ways: 

  • Coatings improve traction, reducing the risk of slipping.
  • The materials contain low levels of volatile organic chemicals, and the smell clears quickly.
  • Companies may opt for light, reflective coatings that reflect light and brighten a space.
  • Firms may choose to incorporate hazard markings and directions in the floor.
  • The seamless floors will not crack, making it easy to sanitize.
  • The self-leveling nature of the coatings means that they smooth out potential tripping hazards.

Easy To Maintain

Maintenance for heavy traffic areas reflects one of the worst factors regarding standard sealants and floor paints. Such products require frequent reapplication, making them highly inconvenient in a commercial setting.

Polyurea and polyaspartic, by contrast, bond to the floor thermostatically. As long as you hire a reputable contractor, your flooring will wear away before it lifts or peels. We offer a standard 12-year warranty, but the flooring can last longer under the right circumstances.

Maintenance primarily consists of cleaning regularly. Should you manage to scratch the surface, polishing the floor will remove all but deep gouges. For those, you can use a simple patch kit.

Versatile Style

Looks count in business today. Even industrial facilities often need to impress visitors. It is here that our coatings shine because of their versatility. 

Do you need an impressive showroom finish? A marble or onyx look makes for a high-end statement piece. Would you like something a little more cost effective? A solid color floor hides a multitude of marks. Vinyl flakes and quartz or mica add depth and interest to plainer floors.

Speak to our team about customizing your floors in line with your brand goals if you like. We can match your brand colors or incorporate your logo or other relevant imagery.

Available in Different Textures

If you have an open-air courtyard or an industrial facility with a high potential for slipping, you need an adaptable coating. Polyaspartic naturally has high slip resistance, but we can improve this by changing the texture. 

Textural changes can also play an aesthetic role, making the surface more closely resemble natural materials like slate.

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